I don’t know if it’s just me but the push for doing a 10 million step skincare routine is not my thing and to be quite honest, when it comes to working out, ultimately most of the amazing products you’ve so laboriously put on your face come sweating right off! So let’s keep it simple my loves. This is what I do:


Where I take a little more time with my skincare is at night, as this is the time the skin has the most time to repair and let your amazing products do the work in your sleep. You also aren’t necessarily “dirty-ing” your face overnight so when the morning comes you don’t need to “wash” your face per se (what I mean by “wash” is using an actual cleanser). BUT I do “rinse” my face with water.

After that, I usually moisturize (my skin tends to be a little dry and appreciates the extra lovin’), add sunscreen (yes.. if you’re stepping outside you should be wearing sunscreen porque estamos demasiado viejo to be forgetting this crucial step; melanin can only get you so far mija). And slather my lips with my fave lip balm. DAS IT!

If you’re feeling a little “bougie” here and there, after you rinse and dry your face, but before you moisturize, I’ve started to mist my face with a facial mist for extra “hydration” and WOO GIRL! Does it feel extra and oh so nice.


Moisturize: Right now I’m using this moisturizer and loving it. It’s super affordable and calming to the skin. BUT, I also have to share my longtime love, this moisutrizer. It’s never failed me and I always come back to it!

Sunscreen: Okay remember how I said you need to be wearing sunscreen every time you step outside… Right now I’m using this sunscreen which I am obsessed with. But this one is also used and abused (aka also a major fave).

Lip Balm: I slather my lips with this stuff and it is THE BEST. It says it’s a lip sleeping mask, but I also use it as my daily lip balm and GIRL I’m telling you. It’s worth every penny.

Mist: Of course I have to share the “bougie” mist I’m using when I need a little extra hydration. It just feels so good on the skin!


If I’m doing an early morning at-home workout, I omit the sunscreen (unless I’m directly facing the sun) until my post-workout skincare routine. NOTE: If instead of taking an online class, I decide to go out for a walk (don’t underestimate how amazing a walk can be!), the sunscreen is a MUST!


For evening workouts, if I am wearing makeup during the day (which is very rare for me) IDEALLY I’d be removing my makeup, and completely cleansing and moisturizing my face. But honestly, 1- WHO GOT TIME FOR DAT??? If you do, I applaud and commend you and maybe someday I’ll be like you but right now??? ya girl just ain’t got the time, and 2- WHAT IF I WANNA LOOK CUTE WORKING OUT? Let me live! Lol

If I have time, I’ll take a couple of makeup remover wipes and get what I can off my face, mist my face with something hydrating (because my skin always feels so stripped after using wipes), and get that workout in beiby! Just don’t tell your skincare esthy on me, okay prima 😉 I promise I’ll more than make up for it with my at-home nighttime skincare routine post-workout.

And that’s it! Pretty easy. Like I said, my at-home nighttime skincare routine is where the real magic happens (coming soon!), and I think keeping it simple during the day is the way to go! Everyone’s skin is different, so of course, find what works for you, but this routine has been amazing for me. Share with me what your routine looks like in the comments! Until next time. Xo

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