You’ve taken some time off, but now you’re ready to get back into working out. But the reality is…. Sometimes, it can be HARD. I know I’ve definitely been there where I lose the motivation to get back on a workout schedule, and starting up again can be so tough. You think to yourself, “Will I ever get back into working out?!” The answer is CLARO QUE SI! YES, YOU WILL! I decided to put together my top tips on how to get back into working out so you can get back to moving your body and enjoying it!

How to get back into working out

+ find a workout (or instructor) that you love

This is crucial! If you’re not enjoying the workout you’re doing, you’re not going to want to keep going. Find movement that you enjoy, that pushes you, and that you even look forward to. There are so many classes out there, whether in person or virtual, that you can access!

+ wear something that makes you feel good 

Put on that matching workout set and strut into your class feeling confident and ready! If you’re feeling good mentally, you’ll feel better physically, and that will motivate you to not skip your workouts. 

+ TREAT YO’SELF! celebrate the small wins

Yes girl!!! And when I say celebrate the small wins, I mean it! Crushed your 8 am workout class?? Treat yourself! Squeezed some movement in after work even though you were feeling tired? Treat yourself! Celebrating YOU and your accomplishments is always a good thing.

+ introduce yourself to the instructor

I absolutely LOVE when people come up to me and introduce themselves if they are new. It helps me make sure they are getting the most out of their workout, are having fun, and feel comfortable. I know it can seem a little awkward or embarrassing but I promise you, that is what we are here for and we love it.

+ set your intentions the night before 

This is a game-changer when it comes to not skipping out on a workout. Set your alarm, lay out your workout outfit, and pack your gym bag with everything you need. With your intentions set, you’ll have a plan, and you’ll be more likely to make it to the gym.  

+ ease into it/don’t overdo it 

Choose a schedule that is easily accomplished and adjust accordingly based on what you have going on. If you add too much too fast, it can seem super overwhelming and unattainable. Ease back in and create a schedule that you know you can do! 

+ do more than 1 type of workout 

Keep things fresh! It’s easy to get burnt out or bored if you’re doing the same workout over and over… and over. Switch up your workouts to keep things interesting. 

+ be patient with your body

After a workout hiatus, your body will need time to adjust back to so much movement. You’ll experience soreness, you’ll be tired, and it will take time to see results. Be patient and know that it will come back, you just have to keep going!

+ give yourself grace

I know everyone says it, but it’s the truth, this will take time. Don’t expect to jump right back into your routine after a few workouts! If you skip a workout, it’s okay. If you plan to go to class and decide you’re too tired, it’s okay. Give yourself grace and remember that moving your body is a privilege and is supposed to be enjoyable!

Join in! What do you think?

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