Having gone through one pregnancy and now in my second, this is my definitive list of ABSOLUTE must-haves. NO fluff here! 


It goes without saying, you need a good prenatal but unfortunately, not all are created equal. What drew me to RITUAL was the transparency with which they share what is actually IN the vitamins and they very proudly make it very clear that they only include what you actually need and nothing more. PLUS, love opening the bottle and smelling that citrusy scent.

Shop Ritual here!

Honorable mention goes to NATUREMADE’S vitamins. I used this during my 1st pregnancy and loved that I only needed to drink 1 pill.


There are a million and one books (and I purchased half a million of them lol) but this one and this one have been just enough for me this second pregnancy.


I have not been able to escape first-trimester nausea and mija it’s awful. Only things that worked for me? Preggy Pops. Delicious and worked almost immediately every time.

Oh! And Ginger Ale. Good ‘ol Ginger Ale always coming through when the tummy strikes!


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! I am THE FIRST to admit that drinking the appropriate amount of water for my body has always been a task even before pregnancy so if you are me, I FEEL YOU! But try and drink as much as you can.  I ended up having awful Braxton Hicks contractions triggered by my dehydration and from personal experience, it is not a fun feeling. This pregnancy, drinking water is of utmost priority. I love this bottle.


Didn’t expect me to say this, huh? I know but Crocs SAVED ME! My feet started to swell up pretty early on in my first pregnancy and being on my feet was not fun. Not to mention the other pains it triggered. I don’t know what sorcery kind of magic they put into making these shoes but they took away every inch of pain I felt. It was magical and now I swear by them.


Never understood the fanaticism of full-body pillows…until pregnancy. HOLY MOLY! I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! Once I started using it, I have never looked back. Used it during my first pregnancy, in between, and now in my second pregnancy. LOVE IT. Here’s the one I’m using!


Okay so don’t come for me about this but honestly, I found it much easier, and flattering, to just purchase normal clothes in bigger sizes than purchasing clothing meant for “maternity” per se but I did dabble in some of it and these were definitely must-haves:

Good American Jeans

And I’m DYING to try these:

Beyond Yoga Leggings 

Old Navy – nothing better than a bump and a bodysuit


Also contrary to popular opinion, my baby bump isn’t the only place that felt drier… my whole body did! So I learned in this second pregnancy to focus on a full-body extra hydrating solution vs just my bump. (Plus, I did all the things to help “prevent stretch marks” and I still got them so… yea). I love this lotion and this one!

Join in! What do you think?

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