+ spin shoes

You can totally wear your own sneakers if you have cage-style pedals BUT if you really want to take your spin class to the next level, get yourself some spin shoes.

NOTE: there are 2 types of “clips” for bikes so pay attention to the one your bike has.

FOR SPD CLIPS, look no further than TIEM CYCLE shoes here


+ water bottle (leak-proof, easy to clean prefer easy spout) & water bottle holder (some of us LOVE big ass bottles).

Hydration is the name of the game. Ideally, you should be hydrating before, during, and after class so a water bottle is a must. If your bike has a cup holder, get a bottle that fits it AND while you’re at it, get a water bottle that is easy to quickly open with one hand… like something with a straw or pop-up cap. OH! And if it can keep your water nice and cold? SOLD! I’m loving this bottle! No cup holder? DEFINITELY an accessory worth adding to your bike as well. 

+ towel

Safety first and you don’t want to be slippin’ and slidin’ off the bike. Get yourself a towel for those handlebars.

A simple quick-drying towel is just enough BUT if you want to get fancy with it, full handlebar towels look legit!

Simple towel here.

Handlebar towel here.

+ phone or tablet holder

You want a good sturdy place to put your phone and/or tablet! I love this one

+ thin yoga mat (for under the bike)

Want it to be as flat as possible to avoid the bike from wiggling. Safety first always!


+  weights

Can’t get enough of spin classes with arm sections? 1-3lbs weights are enough.  If you really wanna go for it, you can purchase 5lbs but TRUST ME, 3lbs dumbbells WILL get the job done. 

Simple ones like these here will work but I will admit that I am mildly obsessed with ALL of BALA’s products so if you have the extra cash, get their 2lb bangles here.

+ bike seat cushion (narrow or wide)

I’m usually not a fan of recommending these BUT in the beginning, this could really help with the enjoyment of the class because YES we’ve all been through that seat pain. I like this narrow seat option here and wide seat option here.

+ heart rate  monitor (actual monitor or apple watch/fitbit/etc.)

Join in! What do you think?

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